Welcome to Carzee's Camerajuice.

Yeah... it maybe just another photo collection, but this one is mine.

I admit to being a photography addict. As often as possible I enjoy on-line and off-line photographic activities with fellow enthusiasts.

I regard myself as a fan of street candids, live performance and 'essay' photography. I also like travel and flora/fauna photography of course.


Location: Canberra DC, Australia.

email Carzee@gmail.com: don't hesitate to contact me by email. Please use a sensible looking subject heading on your email or the spam filter will likely eat it.


...and thanks for looking.         




~~ some albums ~~
The Skybombers (3)  wallpapers
The Skybombers (2)  album
Zero Degrees And Falling  album
SuperBestFriends  album
Expatriate  album
The Seabellies  album
Amathyst  album
The Fumes  album
SummerNats 20  album
Fenders  album


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